Sunday, November 25, 2007

Month of September

I had the pleasure of photographing two remarkable women from Fremont, Ohio: Becky White and Ellen Honsperger.

Becky White (left) is my husband’s aunt and I met her just a few years before she learned that she had breast cancer. Becky was diagnosed in May of 1997. I asked her how she felt when she learned that she had breast cancer and she told me, “I was in shock and it was a very bad year.” Looking at her now, it’s obvious that she has not let it control her life. She’s a very active woman, participates in Race for the Cure and Relay for Life events, works full time, and finds time to travel as well. I also asked her if she had any thoughts she’d like to share and she said this: “It’s a life changing experience. It gives you a new perspective on life. I'm now determined to enjoy the rest of my life and live it to the max!"

On the right is Ellen Honsperger, Fremont, Ohio. Ellen is a 9 year survivor of breast cancer. This was the first time that I had met her, and she radiated a lot of positive energy. She shared with me that prior to her diagnosis, she was a healthy individual and had never had surgery. As I was talking to her about her experience, one part really caught my attention. She told me that she never went alone to any of her chemo or radiation treatments – friends and family worked out their schedules to make sure that someone was always with her! The love and support of her husband Skip, and all of her friends helped her pull through this experience. It seems to me that she is sharing this care now with others through her involvement with the Race for the Cure and Relay for Life events as well.

Becky and Ellen did not know each other before being diagnosed with breast cancer. Now they are part of an elite group of survivors who work together to cheer each other on thru the positives points and the challenging aspects of life.

My name is Michelle White and I’m a freelance photographer in NW Ohio. If you have any questions about this experience or what I do, please contact me at

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