Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I asked Maggie for a short paragraph from her so I could put her words here for everyone to read.

These are her words:

"Cancer Sucks!!! Having said that, I'll relate a little about myself. I discovered the lump in the Fall of 2001. I told my husband Bill and decided to not have it checked until after the Holidays. My choice, not my husbands. On New Years Eve, we followed a hallowed Southern Tradition of eating collard greens and black-eyed peas, which were supposed to be lucky. Right! In January of 2002 I went for a mammogram and the Dr. immediately sent me to see a surgeon. That same day, the Dr. did a biopsy and confirmed cancer. The surgery was done on February 4th, 2002. To make a very long story shorter, I decided to get a modified radical mastectomy and breast reconstruction at the same time. I did not want to wake up without a breast. After 10 hours of surgery I woke up in recovery. The surgeon did a masterful job of breast removal, and the plastic surgeon used excessive tissue from my tummy for the breast reconstruction. Imagine a boob job and a tummy tuck at the same time. The thing I remember most during that time is the love and support of my family and friends. My husband was with me through all of it. The surgery, recovery, and the ups and downs of chemotherapy. He, my children, grandchildren, and friends made me realize just how important and vital their support and love are to not only just surviving, but living as well. As a side note we now use a rabbit foot for luck now."

Maggie Straub


Photograph of Bill and Maggie Straub by James Stanton

I have done quite a bit of portrait sessions since I have taken up this hobby. But I have never walked away from one feeling so good. Bill and Maggie have been married for 12 years now and it is not very often I get to see them but the one thing that is evident every time I visit them is the passion they both share for life, family, and each other. They could pass for newlyweds to someone that has just met them.

James Stanton


Lisa Coleman said...

I met Maggie about 2 years ago and I will say I am very proud to call her my friend.She is a very strong and loving lady.Not to mention CRAZY!!(and funny)I love you Maggie!!
Thanks for making my move her much easier.


Deborah said...

WOW! I am so proud of Jimmy! What a FABULOUS job and an AWESOME opportunity to meet such a BEAUTIFUL Couple. To all with their forwarding fight! Love, Your # 1 Cousin, Deborah Hinson

Angie H said...

God has a plan for all of us and Maggie has been an inspiration to me. Her constant ability to roll with whatever comes her way amazes me daily!

Thanks for being a rock for all of us - you wacky lady!