Sunday, November 25, 2007

February - Maureen Surkan

Much is done to honour those of us who have experienced Breast Cancer. However, without the "Supporting Cast" this honour is incomplete. To my loving daughters & grandchildren; to my aunts & cousins; to my friends & ferry co-workers; to my dedicated physicians & staff; to the volunteers with the Cancer Society, thank you for being there. Four years ago I found a tiny lump in my left breast. I knew the moment I touched it what it signified. It was confirmed by a diagnosis of "intrusive & invasive" fast-moving breast cancer. Two surgeries to remove the offending lump & some lymphnodes indicated that it had neither intruded or invaded beyond its small form. Four chemotherapy sessions preceded 20 radiation hits with a final diagnosis of less than a 10% chance of re-occurance. I consider myself very fortunate.

My Inspiration:
My best friend Carole often described me as a "cross between PollyAnna & Cinderella". Its true. I have always found something positive in whatever life hands me & have never stopped believing in "Happily Ever After".

Maureen Surkan
Daughter Esther
Grand-daughter Stephanie

Photographer: David Knourek

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