Tuesday, November 20, 2007


About Kimberly
March features Kimberly Shuford from Marion, NC. She is married with three wonderful children -- Brooklyn, Amber, and Chad. Diagnosed in June, 2007, Kimberly has faced this challenge as she has others -- head on. With a strong faith, and leaning on God every step, Kimberly has sought to live life to its fullest and she brings laughter and happiness to all around her. As my husband's first cousin, and very close to my age, I wanted to feature Kimberly to bring her beautiful face and shining spirit to others around the country. I have included pictures of her daughters to show their winsome spirit

Kimberly would offer to anyone just facing this to "just take life one day at a time, stay in the here and now, and trust God completely."

About Karma Shuford
I have been "into" photography for almost 6 years, and have been a semi-professional for almost 2. I enjoy the creative process of photography and absolutely love making people smile by presenting shots that they like. My highest compliment has been, "You really captured his personality in that one!" I wanted to participate in this project to help spread the message that early detection saves lives and there is hope after diagnoses! I live in Canton, NC with my husband and my favorite subjects, 5 year old Travis and 2 year old Kristiana (aka -- The Princess).

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